Thursday, January 26, 2012

McDonalds in Japan: Las Vegas Burger

Checking out the new Las Vegas Burger at McDonalds. Notice the 100 and 120 yen menu in the picture next to the "Big America" burger Picture.  You can get a lot of good food (might not be healthy of course) for cheap.  A lot of students usually hit up McDonalds to hang out and get a cheap meal. 

The burger alone was like 400 yen so just decided to go with the set.  I got the "M Size" fried potato and the "L Size" cola.  

The "Las Vegas Burger" at McDonalds in Japan.

A closer look at the toppings. It has sour cream and the "stuff" on top is beef, green and red peppers, and other misc. stuff.  

All in all I have to say that I liked the Las Vegas Burger.  It's a welcome change from the usual Big Mac or Quarter Pounder.  I actually like the fact that McDonalds Japan is doing these themed burgers.  

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  1. I googled this burger and found your post! I'm glad to find out what I'm going to eat before I bite into it.
    I really liked the grand canyon burger, so hopefully this one lives up to it's predecessor.