Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toilets in Japanese Schools: Heaven and Hell

For some reason toilets are some what a recurring theme on the TEIJG podcast and blog. So, I decided it was my duty to give an update to the "toilet situation" in my current school in Japan.  I am working very hard to get video and pictures.  Just think of it as one of those news program expose', LOL.  

When I say "Heaven" I refer to a normal sit down style toilet. While you may have seen videos with all the fancy butt washers and heated seats, let's face reality. You are or will be in an old concrete school! The chances of you having a fancy toilet, might not be so good. 

The reality is that you might have one of those "squatters" or as Anthony "The Crank" lies to call them...the porcelain bobsled.  

Your Mission If You So Choose To Accept it: Eric "The Yank". Your mission is to document the current status of toilets in Japanese JHS's. This is to show future teachers what they can expect when they come to Japan.

Tips for TEIJG:
1. Look for the toilets near the office. They are usually for guests, so sometimes you might get lucky with a brand new toilet.
2. Look for handicapped bathrooms. Japan was a little slow to change but recently you will see more and more. A "Heavenly" toilet is usually waiting behind the door.  Or course make sure you give the right of way to people that really need it!!
3. Hit up 7/11 on the way to school. They usually have nice clean modern toilets.
4. Don't eat Coco Ichiban Curry the day before school!! LOL 
5. Make sure there is toilet paper before you sit!
6. The "Squatter" takes a special technique. If in doubt just take off your pants and hang them on the hook. (@_@)

***This post will be updated with pictures and video very shortly, so come back soon*** 

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