Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tour of a Japanese Junior High School: The Entrance

I think it's about time for me (The Yank) to give you a tour of a Japanese Junior High School.  Over the next few weeks or so, depending on my ability to get good pictures, I will introduce you to a J-JHS. 

This is one of the students entrances. It's the first grade students one. Each grade has their own entrance at  the current school I work at. Japanese JHS's are three grades: first, second, and third.  Where I went to school in the USA we continued the count 7th and 8th and we only had 2 years of Junior High School. Japan starts the count over for both JHS and High Schools. 

The students put their "outside" shoes in spots with their names and the put on their "Uwagutsu" or sometimes they are called "Uwabaki". Basically indoor shoes that are white with an accented color based on their grade. They also write their family name and student number on them. 

For gym class students have another pair of shoes that they only wear in the gym, and of course a PE uniform too. 

Related Japanese Vocabulary:
1st Year Student - Ichi Nen Sei   一年生
2nd Year Student - Ni Nen Sei 二年生
3rd Year Student - San Nen Sei 三年生
Junior High School - Chuu Ga Ko  中学校

Note: I will try to get some pictures of the indoor shoes (Uwagutsu) soon and update the post. 

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