Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fukuoka Has Awesome Beaches!

Japan is a group of islands so you would expect it to have many good beaches, right.  Well it has beaches.... but some of them aren't very friendly for swimming. Some have really dark sand that is almost like dirt.  Here in Fukuoka we are blessed with the Itoshima coast where there are plenty of good beaches.  I (the Yank here) actually live in Itoshima so I am an expert!  

Here is a video I took the other day. I had the day off from teaching and the weather was nice, so what else would you do....that's right go to the beach!

(Click on the little YouTube icon in the player to get to the YouTube Channel page where you can find more vids and watch them in HD. )

If you are moving to Japan and you aren't looking to live in Tokyo or Osaka, why not give Fukuoka a look. (^_^)

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