Sunday, August 19, 2012

TEIJG - Summer Time Update 2012

TEIJG - Summer Time Update 2012


Hey folks just a quick summer time update from Eric "The Yank".  Anthony and I will be pushing out a full podcast in a week or so, but to keep you with something to listen to.....I have been busy.

Update #1:  Teaching English in Japan eBook is available for instant download on the Amazon Kindle Store. You can read on your computer or mobile device!

Update #2: TEIJG Rewind - I am starting to upload all of our back episodes that haven't been on the page.  1-40 something.  I will upload about 3-5 every other day and put links to them on the show archive page

I will be dropping some of the episodes in the podcast feed so you will start to see the TEIJG Rewind episodes once or twice a week until I am finished.

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