Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tokyo Pixs

So if you didn't know I (Eric "The Yank") have left Japan and I am now living in San Antonio, Texas.  Before I left Japan I had to make a quick trip to Tokyo to get some visa stuff sorted out.  Here are some random pixs from the trip. Hope you enjoy.

Mt. Fuji from the air.

Hachiko Statue.

Shibuya 2012

Shibuya 2012

Shibuya 2012.

Toyota Land Cruiser in Tokyo. 

Japanese Patrol Car

The "Shirobiku" (White Bike). These guys love giving tickets so be careful!!

Hanging with K.A. in Roppongi area.

Tokyo Tower (The original one).

Christmas tree in front of Tokyo Tower.

Kua Aina Burger in Tokyo was just as good as the one in Hawaii!

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