Saturday, March 9, 2013

ももいろクローバーZ [Momo iro kuroobaa Z]

ももいろクローバーZ  [Momo iro kuroobaa Z]

One of the most recent bands to break out in Japan is Momo Iro Kuroobaa Z.  The group was originally named Momoiro Clover and is also referred to as Momoclo (ももクロ) for short. It is nicknamed "Weekend Heroines" (週末ヒロイン Shūmatsu Heroin) for performing on weekends as on weekdays its members are at school.

ももクロ - Momokuro Abbreviated name used by fans.

Momo iro Kuroobaa Z = Pink Clover Z

Mono no fu = Momo Iro Kuroobaa Z  Fans

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