Sunday, April 28, 2013

TEIJG 56 Throw Back Episode - The Japan Podcast

Totally Enthusiastically Interested in Japan Guide

This is a throw back to Episode 56 of TEIJG. Hope you enjoy it!
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PS. Also testing the feed. For some reason it isn't showing the older episodes.

 Throw Back Podcast Show Notes: 

Eric`s news:
I am on the Slow Carb Diet
No more kyushoku School lunch
Black Coffee and Soda Water

It`s cold!! Low 2 high 5
Kim Jong Il Died and now his overweight possibly psyco son is leader
New Japanese National Soccer Team Uniform to debut TV around new years
PSP Vita is out and it`s awesome. 

Teaching News:
Last Day of Class Dec 21st
Closing Ceremony Dec 22nd
Back To work January 11th - 22 days off

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