Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hows the Weather in Japan

How is the weather in Japan? When is the best time of the year to visit Japan?

I get a lot of questions about the weather in Japan, and when is the best season to travel there.  This is an easy post to write, since I am very opinionated about the climate in Japan, lol.  I think I will do the Japanese weather in seasons and months of the year.

December to March:  Cold as balls, dry humidity. Bring a coat and lots of layers (unless you are used to cold weather that is).  Also remember that Japanese houses and a lot of the buildings don't have insulation and central heating.  I think this is my biggest pet peeve. I don't mind the cold so much outside, but if I have to use the toilet in my house, and it's colder than outside.....Houston, We Have a PROBLEM!!

March to May:  Spring is awesome in Japan. From the time the Plum blossoms signify the end of winter to when the cherry blossoms kick off the spring, it's perhaps the best time to visit Japan.

May-June:  It's starting to get humid and the heat is kicking up, but it's still not too bad.  Rainy seasons often throws a monkey wrench into to the program here, so if you don't like rain.....stay away.

July-September:  Hot as a sauna comes to mind. Seriously!! If you aren't a fan of being hot and sweaty all day and night, you should probably avoid visiting Japan during this part of the summer.  That said there are some awesome festivals and parties going on during the summer.

October-December:  From the mid part of September you will start to notice a change in the weather pattern  and a change for the GOOD!  Like spring Fall is an awesome time of the year to visit Japan.  The leaves are changing, the humidity is gone, it's a great time of the year.

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