Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Japan Podcast - Episode 71

The Japan Podcast Episode - 071

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The holidays are upon us and with that we had to do a new episode to the best podcast about Japan.  In this episode we talk about all the latest news and happenings in Japan.

Show Notes:
"The Yank" is buying a house
New Podcast Logo
Emperor Akihito's 80th Birthday
Kei Cars Killing Japan's Auto Industry?
What the heck is "Chaku - Uta"??
Weekly Chaku - Uta Ranking
Kentucky Fried Snacks
Japan to spend more on military "Self Defense"
Abe Goes to Yasukuni Shrine and Pisses Everyone Off
Oshima Yuko Graduation from AKB48
Koda Kumi New CD
Asians Love Japanese Porn (like everyone else :-)
Mountain Dew Snack in Japan

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