Saturday, May 24, 2014

Anthony "The Crank" Goes to Yobuko to Eat Squid

Just got of the Skypes with Anthony "The Crank" and he was nice enough to share some of his pictures from a trip to Yobuko in Karatsu, Japan.  Yobuko is famous for one thing and one thing only....SQUID! Otherwise known as "Ika" イカ in Japanese.  
The waters off of Karatsu have lots of squid and other fresh fish.  Below is the bridge to Yobuko.   

I have also had the pleasure of going to Yobuko on several occasions and have to say that if you want fresh delicious Ika, Yobuko is the place to go.  Basically, the way it works is that the staff grabs a live squid, cuts it up a bit, puts it on a plate while it's still moving, squeezes lemon on it and it changes colors.  Next you eat the Ika sashimi (raw squid) for a while, and then when you are ready to make tumpura fried squid with the remaining parts of the squid you didn't eat.

The Ika tempura. 

In most parts of Japan there are sea walls just about everywhere.  You will always see people fishing off of them. 

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