Friday, July 18, 2014

Japan Podcast - 075 - How to Save Money in Japan

The Japan Podcast -- Episode 075 -- "How to Save Money in Japan" 

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Show Notes:

  1.  Cook yourself 
  2. Local Supermarket in the evening (Look for the 50% off sticker) 
  3. Freezer is your friend 
  4. Eat at home 
  5. Bring your lunch to work during the week 
  6. Buy things that are in season (Veggies and fruits) 
  7.  Local Farmers Markets 
  8. Fish markets will have deals on several fish (fish bundles) 
  9. The "Save your change daily method". 
  10. Wholesale Markets (Costco, Mr Max) 
  11. Check Apps and websites for coupon (i.e. McDonalds) 
  12. 100 Yen Stores and Supermakets 
  13. Point Cards Shop Online 
  14. Get travel money but ride your bicycle or walk (ride the train there and walk home, take the bus instead of the train to save a 100 yen here and there, cycle if at all possible) 
  15. Sukiya, Yoshinoya, etc. 
  16. Don't join a gym, hit up the local parks and sports parks, get off the train one or two stops earlier and walk.

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