Sunday, December 25, 2011

Episode 56 - Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan

Site News: 
I am moving the site to blogger so you will see some changes
in the near future. The URL will still be but the move will
take some time so some things wont be on the site during the transition.
I have posted the most recent 10 episodes on the new site already but the
archives will take some time. Will double post for a bit until the
move is finished

Eric`s news:
-I am on the Slow Carb Diet
-No more kyushoku - School lunch
-Black Coffee and Soda Water

-It`s cold!! Low 2 high 5
-Kim Jong Il Died and now his overweight possibly psyco son is leader
-New Japanese National Soccer Team Uniform to debut TV around new years
-PSP Vita is out and it`s awesome.

Teaching News:
-Last Day of Class Dec 21st
-Closing Ceremony Dec 22nd
-Back To work January 11th - 22 days off

Christmas in Japan:
-Xmas Cake

-Xmas Eve means a dash to the love hotels. There are often lines of cars
waiting too!!??
-Illuminations Not Xmas Lights

-Everything is open Xmas Day, pretty much
-Always some kind of Xmas TV Variety programming
-Banks Closing so get some money!!

New Years in Japan:

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