Friday, December 30, 2011

TEIJG 057 - Last Episode of 2011

Episode 57 of the Teaching English in Japan Podcast 

Anthony "The Crank" Oliver
Eric "The Yank" Timmer

Show Notes:
-Osoji (Big Clean)
-Otoshidama (New Years money for kids)
-Visit 3 Shrines
-Ozoni mochi soup
-Kohaku (Red and White New Years singing competition)
-Japanese Stars starting YouTube Channels
-AKB48 Producer interview
-AKB48 has 94 members
-New Japanese Soccer uniforms
-Got some Vegemite
-New Years travel 40,000 on one day from Narita Airport
-Stand up bars
-Kazunoko (Yellow fish eggs thing Anthony was talking about)
-OC = Over Cute

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