Monday, March 12, 2012

Old School Pictures

I was digging through my old CD-ROMs when I came across some pictures that I thought you might want to see.  

My first motorized vehicle in Japan.  A Honda ZX Dio, which is a 50cc scooter.  The best things about the motors in the Honda Dio is that they can be souped up very easily and cheaply.  My scooter could do 60MPH!!  This buggah was hella fast of the line too :-)  Think I paid like 60,000 yen for it used if I remember correctly.  

This is from a house I used to rent with another teacher.  We had cable and broadband internet, and of course a multi-region DVD player.

One of the many PC's I built back in the day. Pimp Kenwood stereo under the desk too.  Ahhhh....the single life in Japan is(was) AWESOME!!  PS. Thank Goodness for LCD monitors!! 

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