Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yes, You Can Surf in Japan

We often get the question, "Can you surf in Japan?", and the answer is yes. Being that I am from Hawaii, I am a little prejudice about what I call surfing, lol.  I like warm water and good waves, which don`t always go together outside of Japan.

Today I went to one of my local favorite spots.  This is one of the better surfing breaks in Fukuoka.  Here are some pictures. The waves weren`t big but they were big enough for long boarding.  I have seen this break over head height on occasion.

The lineup wasn`t too bad today.  Early spring so the water is still a little cold.
Paddle boarding? Is that what they call it? Whatever it`s called you can see it being done here in Japan too.
Better get a wet suit if you want to surf in Japan! This is for the cold water in the winter and the jellyfish in late summer.

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