Monday, March 26, 2012

Teaching English in Japan Podcast: Episode 61 "AKB Retirement"

Teaching English in Japan Podcast: Episode 61 "AKB Retirement"

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  - Farwell Ceremoney - 19 teachers left, of the 19 3 retired, and the rest will be shifted
  to different schools.
- Closing ceremony
- AKB48 Member retires - Atsuko Maeda retires from AKB48 at 20 years old. 6.5 years in the group
most popular member. All over the news.
N. Korea Shooting rockets 
- Jobless
- Final Fund raising drive. $10-20 each to keep the show on air or we are done!! Seriously!!
- Cleaned out my desk. Lots of papers
- Plum Blossoms and Sakura, warmer but still nippy
- Feast or famine jobs in Fukuoka
- How avoid the burn out of teaching after many years
- Prisoner to the Visa if your not married 
- Spring vacation
- Yakiniku burn out
- PTA gift card
- Gift giving and giving back gifts
- iPad3 Booyah!!
- Wasabicars
- Aussie Pub in Fukuoka - Manly Cafe

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