Friday, June 28, 2013

Japanese Sun Protection Blaster Shields

Anthony and I can laugh for hours about the amount of "blaster shields" we see when spring and summer arrive in Japan.  The other day "The Crank" was lucky enough to spot some at a local store and he snapped a picture for us!  If you look at the Japanese it basically says "Sun Visor", but as you know there is  only one true name for them....... "Blaster Shields".

Along with the blaster shields you cant forget the "arm gloves" that just about every Japanese woman over 25 wears.  Of course they are trying to protect their skin and NOT get a tan.  It's funny because it will be about a million degrees hot (and humid) and they will be rocking the blaster shield and these arm gloves.  Often they wear these inside cars while the windows are up..... To each is own I guess ;-)

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