Saturday, June 29, 2013

Puffy AMIYUMI - Then and Now 2013

Puffy AmiYumi 2013

Puffy (AmiYumi) 1996-ish 

 Recently I have been on a JPop kick, kind of remember my first few years studying Japanese in Hawaii, and also the first few years I lived in Japan. One of the groups that stood out for me was Puffy AmiYumi. I put the full name but in Japan they are just known as PUFFY (Sorry PDiddy LOL). The coolest thing about them was that they were kind of a relief from the normal overly produced JPop music machine. Also, I was able to actually find their CD on sale at a music store in Hawaii, so they helped me study Japanese. least get my ears used to hearing the language. At the time I really didn't understand shit, but with a dictionary and a pen and a pad.....I started my journey with the Japanese language. So, while I was stuck in the hotel room the other night, I watched a whole lot of Puffy AmiYumi videos, both old and new. It just so happens that they have some new music coming out (New Single: Datsu Dystopia). So I thought it would be cool to talk about them on the blog. While watching a bunch of videos I ran into a live cover then did, that I had never heard and really caught my

Owaranai = The negative form of Owaru which means "finish", "end", or "over".
Uta = Is "song"

The song is "Owaranai Uta" which roughly translated means "Never ending Song" and is a cover of The Blue Hearts.

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