Thursday, June 13, 2013

TEIJG 067 Japan Podcast

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On this weeks episode of the Totally Enthusiastically Interested in Japan Podcast we talk about some tools to help you handle the Japanese Internet. We also discuss the benefits of learning or not learning the Japanese language. E3 is happening and we discuss what the Japanese console and software makers are doing to woo the fans to their side in the next gen console wars. Plus a lot more!

Show Notes: 

* Furigana Injector for Firefox
*Why You Shouldn't Learn Japanese
*Mag Lev Shinkansen (Bullet Train)
*Solar Power Lighting Up Japan
*Sony PS4 vs XBoxOne vs Nintendo WiiU at E3
*New Final Fantasy Title
*Japanese garbage can looks like the new Mac Pro
*Japanese Underground Bicycle Parking 
*24 Hour Bus Services Starting
* Mt Fuji to Collect Fees
*What I'm Watching: Initial D on Netflix
*Yakiniku Bibimbap is 520 Yen at Hotto Motto
*Chinese Space Station
*4K Internet Video Stream
*New Honda Zoomer

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