Friday, June 7, 2013

TEIJG 66 - A New Hope in Japanese Podcasts

Episode 66 of TEIJG is now live! Our new format is more about being Totally Enthusiastic Interested in Japan.  Anything and everything that vaguely has to do with Japan or Japanese culture is fair game on this podcast. From Japanese Music, Anime, Manga, JPOP, JDramas, News, etc... Oh yeah and a whole bunch of "The Yanks" commentary on the subjects.  We will eventually try to rope "The Crank" back into the Podcast but until we can find a good time, it's Eric going it solo.  I have an idea or two on how to get "The Crank" on as a roaming reporter, so stay tuned.

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Show Notes:

Go Japanese National Soccer Team
Japanese "Scientific" Whaling
Capcom Remaking Duck Tales
JPOP and KPOP Summer Jams of 2013 [Girls Generation/SNSD / AKB48]
Nissan and Mitsubishi Team Up on Kei Car
Japan KFC "Kura Kura" Campaign [Video | Website]

Thanks for Listening!!
Eric "The Yank"

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