Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TEIJG 069 - Summer Heat Everywhere

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Summer is here and it's hot and/humid just about everywhere, plus a bunch of rain and floods in Fukuoka to boot. In Episode 69 of TEIJG we hit a whole lot of Japanese news and of course a bunch of commentary on that news.

Show Notes: 
* Japan's Growing Livers
* Suntory IPO's
* Japanese Gotta Wait for the XBoxOne
* Apple iWatch Patent
* Line Going to India
* Watch Out Japan "The Man" can now use The Web & Social Media
* Japanese Diapers Popular in China
* JR Selling Data Suica Card
* Aidoru (Idol) Life Sucks
* Galapagos Syndrome
* 1000 Yen Gold Ring Burger

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Eric "Then Yank"

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