Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yes a Japanese Nintendo Famicom Will Work on a US TV

After a little bit of homework and a quick order from Amazon, I have been able to get my Japanese Nintendo Famicom to work on an HD TV in the United States!! All I needed to do was purchase an RF adapter that came with the US Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  I think it cost like $12 shipped to my door.  

After reading about how to connect up the system most of the articles mentioned that the power from US sockets might be too much (some say it IS too much), and that you would need something to setup down the power.  While other said, no problem what-so-ever.  My past experience told me that their "appears" to be enough range built into most Japanese electronics to get away with it.  

After playing the system for an hour I can say that it didn't feel hot at all.  Now that said, I think I will always unplug it when I am not playing it, and of course never leave home with it plugged in (@_@).....   

Now the only problem I have is that I only have one game!  Of course it might be the best game ever for the system, Super Mario Bros 3.  I think the next time I head to Japan I will bring back a bunch of titles, or perhaps search E-Bay for some good titles.  

Oh yeah, you gotta try channel 95 or 96 on your US TV.  Mine worked on channel 2 on the back of the Famicom and 96 on my Samsung HDTV. 

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